Reynolds Freezer Paper – roll 12 meter


Make Quilt Appliques and non-slip stencils!

width: 15 inches (38 cm)

Price per roll of 12 meter

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Make Quilt Appliques!

Plastic coated

width: 15 inches (38 cm)

Price per roll of 12 meter

Easy Quilt Appliques: create templates to reduce time in quiling, piecing or appliqueing:

  • Draw design op paper side of freezer paper. cut out.
  • Pin paper side of design to wrong side of fabric
  • Cut out fabric pieces with 3,16” extra fabric allowance around design. cut 1/8” long slits on curved edges to ease fabric.
    Press seam allowance over edge of template. Remove pins.
  • Lightly adhere  fabric pieces to material by pressing in place with a hot, dry iron. Stitch fabric pieces to background material, leaving a small area unstitched.
  • Pull out freezer paper through unsitched area. stitch close.

Also great for crafting

  • Protect work surfaces: paints, markers nd glues won’t soak through.
  • Pour paint or pudding on plastic side for indeal finger painting
  • Use as paint palette or to prctice decorative painting.
  • Cover a party table. Let guests decorate with crayons or markers.
  • Make non-slip stencils! Temporarily adhere the plastic side to fabric with a hot, dry iron. Peel off stenscil when paint dries.

Additional information

Dimensions 1200 × 40 cm


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