Luna Bamboo

Luna Bamboo

(maat: 45 x 60 inch (114,3 x 152,4 cm))

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100% Bamboo. neelde punched to a thin schrim.

Bamboo, one of natures gifts, is softer than cotton, biodegradable and hypo-allergenic.

Kyoto Bamboo is cleaned without the use of harsh chemiclas.

Kyoto Bamboo will not shift or shed through the cover of your quilt.
Kyoto 's unique construction makes it ideal for machine quilting.
For a hand sewn look do not pre-shring. simple use right out of the package.  Kyoto Bamboo batting willl shrink approximately 3% after washing.

Pre-shrink instructions
1. Hand soak in warm water for 15 minutes.
2. Roll and squeeze in a dry towel.
3. Allow to dry flat or in a dryer with a cool gentle setting.

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lunakb-crib 45 x 60 inch (114,3 x 152,4 cm)
12.95 € *
lunakb-twin 72 x 90 inch (182,9 x 228,6 cm)
24.95 € *
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lunakb-queen 90 x 108 inch (228,6 x 274,3 cm)
35.95 € *
lunakb-king 120 x 120 inch (304,8 x 304,8 cm)
47.95 € *
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