Vlieseline SW605 Soluweb

Vlieseline SW605 Soluweb

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With Soluweb, piled and looped fabrics such as terry towelling can be neatly embroidered.

Soluweb holds the loops in place under the yarn, allowing a tight and beautifully embroidered picture to be produced.     
Especially suitable for embroidering loop and mesh fabrics, such as terry-towelling.

Temporary adhesive and sewing aid – wash out after sewing.


  •     Perfect embroidery picture
  •     Embroidered fabric is ready for immediate use, no special washing process necessary
  •     No wastage
  •     Water soluble
  •     Temporary adhesive and sewing aid

Method of use:     
Place the Soluweb on the upper side of the Fabric, clamp fabric and Soluweb into the embroidery hoop (smaller pieces of Soluweb can also be basted onto the fabric); begin embroidering. After completing remove as much of the Soluweb by hand as possible. Mist any remaining Soluweb and blot off with a soft cloth. The fabric is now ready to use and does not need to be pre-washed.

N E W - Soluweb is also temporary adhesive. A sewing aid for appliques, ribbons; very delicate, stretch and instable fabrics. Place the Soluweb between the corresponding fabric layers before sewing (e.g. button borders or T-shirt hems), iron with steam (or use a damp cloth), sew, then simply wash out. Soluweb is always water-soluble!     
Colours / Measurements:         Sheer,  38 x 100 cm

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