Seam Allowance magnets, 5mm

Seam Allowance magnets, 5mm

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The price is for one magnet of 5 mm

The most time consuming and annoying part of sewing is adding a seam allowance to all your pattern pieces.

No longer do you have to measure and trace around each individual piece, the Seam Allowance Guide will do that for you while you cut out your fabric.

Each magnet is ½ cm high and provides a seam allowance of  ½ cm. For an allowance of 1 cm you need 2 pieces, for 1.5 cm 3 pieces, etc. These magnets are light but very strong. You can easily put a string of 10 magnets, this is 5 cm (!), on your scissors, and it is still connected firmly. You should put the magnets on the upper blade of the scissors. Both right and left to use. In case of straight lines it is comfortable to put them on the tip of your scissors. In case of curves the middle of the scissors is preferred.

You can even use the magnets with a rotary cutter.

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