Iron-On Transfer Pencil red

Iron-On Transfer Pencil red

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Transfer your designs easily with the help of Iron-on Transfer Pencils.
Place the tracing paper on the design that you wish to transfer.
Trace your design with Iron-on Pencils, then place the traced design onto the fabric and iron.


How to use:
Place tracing paper on the design you wish to copy.
Trace the design with Iro-On transter pencil.
Remove the tracing paper and place it on top of the fabric you with to embroidery and iron without steam.
For cotton iron with high temperature 10-20 seconds, chemical fibers (Nylon, acrylic) iron with medium temperature  10-20 seconds.
Thecopy of the design will apear, Note: you will get the mirror image on the fabric.



  • Once you copy a design it CANNOT be removed from fabric! The markings of the iron-on transfer pencil are permanent!
  • Copied design may not be visible on dark fabrics
  • Always test de iron-on transfer pencil on a piece of fabric before use.
  • Avoid using cloth made from a chemical fiber (Nylon, acrylic fabric), it may shrink when ironing
  • When copying on the backside of a thin fabric protect your iron board with a cloth or paper, the markings can enter through the fabric.
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